Cash Flow

Rental properties provide a unique opportunity to generate cash flow that only improves over time.


Property values are on the rise from coast to coast, and appreciation over time can help build wealth.


With properly managed, cash flowing rental properties, your tenants are generally paying down your debt for you each and every month to help you build equity.

Tax Benefits

There are many well known tax benefits to investing in rental properties (ask your tax advisor).

Through our knowledge, relationships and community, we’ve built relationships with leading turn-key rental property providers. We have established strategic relationships with turnkey providers in nations leading rental markets.

After months of networking and vetting potential partners, we have identified markets/providers that consistently give investors high returns while requiring minimal work from the investor. These relationships eliminate the frustrations of establishing a real estate team when entering a new investment market. Our partners will find the property that meet your goals in a highly desirable rental neighborhood, rehab the home, find the best tenant, and put top-tier management in place.

This turnkey model allows you to passively invest in real estate… your money should be working, not you! We focus on providing an easy-to-use system that allows investors to achieve their desired ROI.

In addition to helping you find the best turnkey rental property, we have partnerships with the nation’s leading real estate investing lenders. We’re more than happy to introduce you to small local lenders in the markets that we operate. These lenders understand the turnkey model and are eager to earn your investing business.

We also work with national lenders that specialize in conventional financing, portfolio financing, and asset-based lending. Every borrower has different wants/needs and we do our best to connect you with the lender that will provide that service.