Evaluating potential markets

You want to look for key indicators of the local economy and try to identify if the market is growing.  Look for housing information, population growth statistics, employment information, major employers, demographics, crime rates, education, income, etc.

Evaluating neighborhoods

Once you’ve decided on a market, you will want to work with your turnkey provider to identify targeted neighborhoods.  While researching neighborhoods, you’ll want to know about the crime rates, schools/education, vacancy rates, median household income, access to city center and public transportation, availability to shopping, recreation and parks, the neighborhood rank, etc.

Operating Expenses

You need to know your operating expenses to properly analyze any turnkey deal.  The following is a list of easily researched costs: property taxes, home insurance, and property management fee.   You will also need to make assumptions for your maintenance, vacancies, and large long-term repairs (capital expenditures like roof, HVAC, water heater, etc).